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Our Philosophy

‘We Promise’

With a commitment of building a solid educational foundation, healthy life and a safe environment for underprivileged children of Sri Lanka, The Roshan Mahanama Trust will mainly invest its time, resources and passion into creating a productive future generation with the ability to sustain themselves and our nation at large.

The “WE PROMISE” philosophy piloted by Roshan Mahanama is a pledge to honour the commitment we have made to serve our community, and a promise to continue building our society on a foundation of compassion, a sense of duty, responsibility and consistency.

“WE PROMISE” that our work is dedicated to the idea that giving back is not something we do once, but for as long as it takes for an individual, village or country to flourish.

“WE PROMISE” that with consistent action, help where it is most necessary, with the right attitude at heart, anyone can thrive and live up to their full potential.


To provide a platform for all stakeholders to join in unison in order to enrich the lives of underprivileged children of our nation.


To unite all stakeholders to lay a solid educational foundation, healthy life and a safe environment for underprivileged children of our motherland resulting in producing a productive future generation to sustain themselves and our nation at large.

Our core values






Our guiding pillars

Education and Growth

To enhance the education of children by means of scholarships, educational development initiatives and development of infrastructure

To promote wellbeing of children and youth in the country by way of conducting various educational programs to inculcate values and life skills

Health and Wellbeing

To assist needy children in their health and wellbeing and to create awareness on prevention of critical illnesses and related issues

To intervene during emergency situations (man made or natural disasters) by way of providing basic essentials to vulnerable communities

Safe and Secure Environment

To promote inclusivity of all members in society including where persons are marginalized due to poverty, disablity, race, religion, gender or any such parameters

To be a voice to address the issue of violence against children

Three key areas of funding/collaboration

Education and Growth

  • Scholarships/Stationary
  • Infrastructure development
  • Life skill training programs
  • Piyawara pre school (HOF)
  • Roshan Wijerama Family Trust
  • SOS

Health and Wellbeing

  • Wijerama Family Foundation
  • SOS Children's Villages Sri Lanka
  • Community Meal Share Trust
  • Feed a Child Programme with College of Pediatricians
  • AYATI (National Centre for Children with Disabilities)
  • National Stroke Association of Sri Lanka
  • Kidney Patients’ Society
  • Lama Piyasa with College of Pediatricians

Safe Environment

  • Lama Piyasa (College of Peadiatricians)
  • SOS
  • Piyawara Pre Schools (HOF)



L-R seated
Geewa Mahanama , Roshan Mahanama
L-R standing
Maj Gen Kumudu Perera, Shiromi Masakorala (D-Ops), Renuka Senadheera, Ashan Peiris

The Logo

Roshan Mahanama spreading the love and enlightening the world, to make it a better place.



Roshan Mahanama is renowned for his passion for fielding

Catching the heart

Catching the hearts of many and spreading the love


Enlightening and bearing all our core values


Brightening up lives and spreading that light

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