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Welcome to Roshan Mahanama Trust, an organization dedicated to empowering underprivileged children in Sri Lanka by providing them with a solid educational foundation, a healthy lifestyle, and a safe environment. Through our focused efforts and unwavering commitment, we aim to shape a productive future generation capable of sustaining themselves and our nation.

The “WE PROMISE” philosophy, initiated by Roshan Mahanama, forms the core of our mission. It represents our solemn pledge to serve our community with compassion, responsibility, and consistency, ensuring that our impact extends beyond a single act of giving.

At Roshan Mahanama Trust, we firmly believe in the enduring nature of our promise. We understand that true transformation takes time and dedication. With our continued support and targeted assistance where it matters most, we strive to enable individuals, villages, and the entire country to flourish.

Our commitment is rooted in the belief that anyone can thrive and unlock their full potential. By taking consistent action and embracing the right attitude, we create an environment where individuals can grow and thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

Join us in supporting the Roshan Mahanama Trust as we work towards fulfilling our promise. Your involvement not only contributes to the betterment of underprivileged children but also helps build a brighter future for our society as a whole.

“Together, let us make a lasting impact and pave the way for individuals to reach their fullest potential!”

Our Locations

Touching Lives
across Sri Lanka

Roshan Mahanama Trust is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of communities across the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. Our initiatives and programs are carefully designed to cater to various regions and districts, extending our support to those in need from the northernmost tip to the southernmost shores.

Through the collective efforts of our passionate team and generous supporters, we reach out to underprivileged areas, rural communities, and urban centers, bringing the light of education, empowerment, and hope to all corners of Sri Lanka. Together, we strive to build a brighter future and uplift the lives of countless individuals, fostering a spirit of unity and progress.

Explore the map to discover the locations where the Roshan Mahanama Trust has been making a profound impact, and join us in our journey of transforming lives for the better.


Lama Piyasa

Suwa Arana



To provide a platform for all stakeholders to join in unison in order to enrich the lives of underprivileged children of our nation.
"Community outreach volunteers
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To unite all stakeholders to lay a solid educational foundation, healthy life and a safe environment for underprivileged children of our motherland resulting in producing a productive future generation to sustain themselves and our
nation at large.

Our Core Values

Fundamental Beliefs and Principals






Our Guiding Pillars

Highest Priorities and Driving Forces

Education and Growth

To enhance the education of children by means of scholarships, educational development initiatives and development of infrastructure.

To promote wellbeing of children and youth in the country by way of conducting various educational programs to inculcate values and life skills.

Health and Wellbeing

To assist needy children in their health and wellbeing and to create awareness on prevention of critical illnesses and related issues.

To intervene during emergency situations (man made or natural disasters) by way of providing basic essentials to vulnerable communities.

Safe and Secure Environment

To promote inclusivity of all members in society including where persons are marginalized due to poverty, disability, race, religion, gender or any such parameters.

To be a voice to address the issue of violence against children.

Three Key Areas



Our Members


Roshan Mahanama


Geewa Mahanama


Maj. Gen. Kumudu Perera


Shiromi Masakorala


Renuka Senadheera




Roshan Mahanama


Geewa Mahanama


Maj. Gen. Kumudu Perera


Shiromi Masakorala


Renuka Senadheera



The Story

Unveiling The Emblem
of Transformation!

Roshan Mahanama Trust is always Inspiring Change,
One Step at a Time. In the logo we see Roshan Mahanama
spreading love & care to enlighten the world,
to make it a better place. 

Roshan Mahanama Trust is always Inspiring Change, One Step at a Time.
In the logo we see Roshan Mahanama
spreading love & care to enlighten the world, to make it a better place. 

Roshan Mahanama Trust logo

Roshan Mahanama is renowned
for his passion for fielding


Brightening up lives and spreading that light


Enlightening and bearing all our core values

Catching the Heart

Catching the hearts of many
and spreading the love

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