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Second Edition October 2023- February 2024

Image: Trustees and the Director of Operations at Roshan Mahanama Trust at the ‘Lights of Love’ fundraising event

Dear friends and supporters,

Welcome to the second edition of the Roshan Mahanama Trust Newsletter. In this edition, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Roshan Mahanama Trust and the projects we are undertaking to support children in need across Sri Lanka.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated trustees for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in fulfilling our mission, as well as our kindhearted donors for their unwavering support. All of your dedication has been instrumental in driving our initiatives forward.

This edition showcases a range of projects initiated by RMT aimed at providing essential support to children in need throughout Sri Lanka. One noteworthy achievement is the RMT’s inaugural fundraising project in Sri Lanka, ‘Lights of Love,’ which took place at Havelocks City Mall in December 2023. This event was a resounding success, and I am immensely grateful to all those who contributed this initiative by purchasing a bulb. Your contributions will go a long way in providing education, healthcare, and overall well-being to children facing adversity while also creating a safe and nurturing environment for them.

Another significant milestone occurred in January, as the Roshan Mahanama Trust embarked on a noble initiative to build the “Lama Piyasa” center at the Teaching Hospital in Karapitiya, Galle. This project is undertaken in collaboration with the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians and Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, with the construction being carried out by the Sri Lanka Army. The aim is to establish a safe haven for children by providing comprehensive care to those who have experienced various forms of violence.

I encourage all of you to take some time from your busy schedules to explore the exciting articles and updates featured in this newsletter. Your continued support and interest in our endeavors mean a great deal to us, and we are deeply appreciative of your involvement in creating a positive impact on the lives of children in need.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

Yours in spirit of Service, ,

Roshan Mahanama
Chairperson, Roshan Mahanama Trust


The Roshan Mahanama Trust, in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka, distributed school kits and shoe vouchers to 55 students at Manal Chenei Mixed School in Komari, empowering children through education. 
Donated 20 vials of Amiodarone IV to the cardiac ICU at Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH) for Children. This remarkable contribution will significantly support the medical needs of our little heroes, ensuring they receive the best possible care. 
A generous donation was made to AYATI, the national center dedicated to empowering children with disabilities. This generous contribution will help sustain AYATI’s daily operations and provide much-needed support for these incredible kids. 


Donated sanitary napkins and some essential cloths to children of low-income earners in the Mathugama Education Zone. By providing essential resources, the Trust has not only improved the hygiene and comfort of these children but also boosted their confidence and self-esteem. 
New play equipment were donated to a rural preschool in Eravur, enriching the lives of children and aligning with the mission to support and empower communities, especially in rural areas.
Dry rations packs were sponsored for 75 pregnant mothers from low-income earning families in the Aranaganwila area of the Polonnaruwa district, in partnership with the Sri Lanka Army’s 231 Infantry Brigade. 
Friends of Roshan Mahanama Trust in New Zealand screened the Sinhala film ‘Kadira Divyaraja’ to raise funds for our trust. The proceeds from this event will be utilized to support underprivileged children in Sri Lanka. 


‘Sydney API’ team in Australia organized a Gala Dinner at the Epping Club to support the heartbeat of hope for underprivileged children in Sri Lanka through the Roshan Mahanama Trust.



In a heartwarming display of support for underprivileged children in Sri Lanka, the Roshan Mahanama Trust joined forces with Brandix Apparel Solutions Pvt Ltd to ensure a healthy and nourishing start to the day for 75 students at Elapitiwala Chandrawansha Vidyalaya in Ragama. This successful collaboration has provided breakfast for an entire year, covering 2023, for the deserving students of the school.


The positive impact of this collaboration has been evident, as the students now have the energy and focus to perform better in their academics. The Trust expresses its gratitude to Brandix Apparel Solutions for providing the opportunity to serve these less privileged kids and emphasizes that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these deserving students. 

Adelaide Lakhanda, with the Nalanda Old Boys Association of South Australia and Sri Lanka Cricket South Australia, organized a special screening of the Sinhala movie “Sinhabahu” as a part of their fundraising efforts for the Roshan Mahanama Trust. All the proceeds from this special screening were donated directly to the Roshan Mahanama Trust. 


The Roshan Mahanama Trust’s first fundraising event in Sri Lanka, the “Lights of Love” initiative, was launched to raise funds for underprivileged children, allowing the community to come together and make a difference during the festive season.



The ‘Legends of Light’ meet and greet session was a remarkable event, which was part of the ‘Lights of Love’ fundraising initiative. This gathering brought together some of Sri Lanka’s most renowned cricketing personalities, including Roshan Mahanama, Chaminda Vaas, Kumar Dharmasena, Romesh Kaluwitharana, and Upul Chandana. The ‘Legends of Light’ event proved to be a significant success, garnering immense support from attendees who contributed generously to the cause. This valuable assistance will help underprivileged children overcome various challenges they face in their lives. Overall, it was a remarkable event that showcased the power of sporting personalities coming together for a noble cause. 


We extended our support to the ‘Radiant Celebrations: Uniting Hearts’ annual Christmas party, organized by the Indira Cancer Trust. This heartwarming event was part of the ‘Sponsor a Child program’, aimed at bringing joy to the lives of the children of cancer patients. It was truly inspiring to witness the smiles and joy on the children’s faces as they came together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

The ‘pretty-in-pink’ team in Canada organized their first annual baked sale to raise funds for the Roshan Mahanama Trust.

The Roshan Mahanama Trust gifted a laptop to a son of a courageous cancer fighter, with the support the chairman of Ewis Solutions Pvt. Ltd Sanjeewa Wickramanayake, 


The Trust partnered with the ‘Bilindu Hadata Naththalak’ program, organized by the Welfare Association of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, to donate school shoes, socks, and essential items to 50 underprivileged school children.
In collaboration with the Hemas Outreach Foundation, the Roshan Mahanama Trust brought joy and hope to a remote village near Kurunegala, distributing toys and essential school items to children in need.
The Wenty Leagues Cricket Club Sydney, Australia’s, visited SOS Children’s Villages Sri Lanka on December 30, 2023. The cricket match held that day was not just about the cricket match but also a beautiful celebration of unity and shared responsibility. The Wenty Leagues Cricket Club and its supporters showcased immense generosity through their donations to SOS children’s villages and RMT making the day truly memorable for everyone involved.


A generous donation of cancer medication worth Rs275,000 was made to support a 15-year-old child in urgent need of treatment, providing relief to a family facing significant hardships.
The foundation stone was laid for the 2nd “Lama Piyasa” centre at the Teaching Hospital in Karapitiya, Galle, to create a safe environment for children who have experienced violence. This project is being undertaken in collaboration with the Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians and Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, and the construction is being carried out by the Sri Lanka Army.


RMT sponsored a disabled person residing in Ambalangoda, to purchase a rubber slipper manufacturing machine and other necessary equipment. The sponsored individual, who has bravely overcome adversity, is a parent to two small children. This initiative is to empower individuals and families facing various challenges, and to bring about significant positive changes in their lives.
Started construction of a pre-school toilet complex in a rural village in Eravur, demonstrating our commitment to improving living conditions for children in Sri Lanka.


Received a generous contribution of Rs. 2 million from the Lanka Lions dinner dance held in Dubai. 





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